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Your KU student housing should be a happy safe place for you, and when it’s messy it can be stressful.

Every Item Needs a Home

If something doesn’t have a place, it’s causing clutter. Use organizing containers, drawers, and shelves as ‘homes’ for each of your belongings. When you move into student housing in Lawrence, only bring what you need at first. If there isn’t space for something, sometimes you have to get rid of it so it would be best to leave it at home instead.

Desk Organization

Even if you’re in off campus housing in Lawrence, there should be a desk in your room. You’ll be doing plenty of homework, and desks can get messy. Keep a small magazine rack or a basket for your loose papers and files so they don’t get lost. Have a pencil jar, or a divider inside the desk drawer for them. Keeping your highlighters, erasers, and calculator in their own places either in a drawer or in a desk organizer will help you be able to find what you need quickly and easily.

Closet Organization

Deciding what to wear in the morning can be a pain. One day you wake up late and you’re rushing to get to class on time, but your closet is a mess and you can find your shirt, that’s a problem. Keeping your closet in your KU student housing organized will save you time, and a clean looking closet is very satisfying. Decide which clothing should be hung, and put like-things together on the bar. Some people love to color code their closets, but putting all of your pants in one spot, and all your dress shirts in another is also a great way to do it. Use a shelf or a shoe rack to keep your shoes clean and organized, rather than dumped on top of each other.

Folding Clothes

There are several ways to fold clothes, and the best way depends on your closet/dresser situation. For dresser drawers, folding things into thirds and lining them up so you can see all of them at once is a great method. For closet shelves, folding clothing flat and stacking them on top of each other works well. If your KU student housing doesn’t have a dresser, you could always get some felt boxes from the dollar store to put your clothing in and put those boxes on the shelves. Really the best option is whatever works best for you.

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