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Moving can be a very stressful process, and if you’re living in KU student housing chances are you’re going to move several times during your time at university. We’ve made a short guide for packing, moving, and unpacking. If you follow these simple tips, moving should go just a little more smoothly than usual!

Make A Plan

To make things as easy for yourself as possible, you want to go about the whole process strategically. Decide ahead of time what things you are bringing and what is going to be left behind. Will all of your belongings fit in your car? Will you be able to make more than one trip, or do you need to borrow a truck? Plan to have somebody help you with the actual moving part, especially if your student apartment in Lawrence isn’t on the first floor. Pick a time to start packing and when you expect to finish, and estimate how long it will take to load and unload your things.

Be Prepared

Cardboard boxes and packing tape are essential. If you’re moving out of KU student housing at the same time as everyone else, there may be a short supply of these things if you wait until the last minute. Know what sizes of boxes you need and if you need any other specific packing materials for larger or more fragile items. You don’t want to be running to the store for tape at 2 am the night before your move out deadline.

Stay Organized

When moving into our out of your off campus housing in Lawrence, keep the kitchen stuff with the kitchen stuff, the bathroom stuff with the bathroom stuff, and so on. You can use dish towels and rags from the kitchen to pack fragile dishes if you don’t have packing paper. It may be easier while packing to randomly shove everything in boxes, but remember you are also responsible for unpacking those exact same boxes. If you plan ahead, you won’t be throwing your pens in a box with your jeans.

Don’t Forget About Eating

Food is important for basic function, and after moving you are going to be exhausted. Are you packing groceries with you or do you plan to buy some at your new place? You can even just have pizza for dinner and worry about groceries later, just make sure you have a plan so you don’t find yourself hungry and confused at the end of a long day. Look up what fast food and grocery stores are around your new KU student housing. If you’re packing food make sure you know where it is and can access it easily.

Good luck with your big move! Here at Orchard Corners we are all eager and ready to assist our residents on move in day. Feel free to contact us with any questions!


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